"'...Your betrayal was foretold in the Score. So I will not stop you.'
At Yulia's words, Daath trembled in fear."
- the sixth pilgrimage monument, the monument of sacrifice
Hello visitor, welcome to O Fortuna, a small dedication to Anise Tatlin of Namco's Tales of the Abyss. Anise is cute, clever, precocious and totally badass. But underneath that lies a tragic story and a fate beyond her control. There's more to the Fon Master Guard than meets the eye, and this site serves to explore that. My goal here is to provide a unique and fair perspective on an often unjustly disliked character :).
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Just to warn you, there are unmarked spoilers all over, so keep in mind that I probably spoil the entire game throughout this site! Also, this site's content relies primarily on the English version game canon, so the anime/Japan game versions aren't taken into consideration. O Fortuna is part of the last fencer network and is run by Michelle, so feel free to email me with any questions you may have :).
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