luke fon fabre

Despite the fact that he’s a spoiled jerk when she first meets him, Anise takes to Luke Fon Fabre almost instantly... when she finds out that he's rich, of course. Anise spends the early parts of the game plotting to marry our hero, while Luke mostly ignores or doesn't even notice her attempts at becoming his duchess. Anise doesn't let her more sinister side show around him; instead she acts as cute and sweet as possible. Luke doesn't exactly reciprocate Anise's cheerful actions towards him; instead he pays little mind to her comments and requests, including saving the her oft-kidnapped charge. Anise certainly gets frustrated with Luke's rudeness, especially when it's directed at Ion, but still maintains that she loves him "(and his money)!" But Luke's ignorance and one-track mind eventually lead him to cause the destruction of the city of Akzeriuth, where he also finds out he is a "replica" and merely a tool of his mentor, Van. The act of destruction itself combined with Luke's denial of responsibility causes the party to leave him on his own. All trust that Anise had in Luke, if any, was gone at the point. Anise leaves the distraught Luke in Yulia City while taking off to meet Asch, Luke's "original," ignoring Ion's protests that Luke is still a kind person.

But Luke vows to change and finally acknowledges his responsibility for Akzeriuth. He later meets up with again Anise after Natalia and Ion are kidnapped in Daath. Anise isn't too happy about seeing him again and is downright mean when she rejoins the party. But things soon change between the two. Luke's transformation is rather rocky and awkward, but his resolve is extremely strong. Anise continues to tease him to the very end, but she warms to Luke as he changes his attitude. She even begins to hint at wanting to marry him again, though she does pick up on Tear's feelings for our hero. Anise and Luke develop a strong friendship as the game progresses; Anise is vehement about stopping Luke when he's wallowing in guilt and Luke is the first to console Anise when she's at her breaking point after Ion's death. The two certainly relate on the topic of guilt: both felt responsible for causing pain and death (Akzeriuth and Ion's death), and at the same time both vow to continue on their quest to stop Van so similar tragedies won't happen again. When it comes time for Luke to stay behind and free Lorelei after defeating Van, Anise makes him promise to come back, because, as she says, the reformed Order of Lorelei is going to need some patrons. Of course, Anise only means that she wants Luke to return unharmed.

jade curtiss

Anise and Jade Curtiss = partners in crime! Despite differences in age, background, and well, almost everything else, the puppet master and the snarky Malkuth Colonel known as "the Necromancer" connect on a variety of levels to become a kickass comedy team. Anise, as we know, is wise beyond her years underneath that innocent face, while Jade is probably too clever for his own good (father of fomicry, anyone?). The two team up for some of the best moments in the game, as both are adept at seeing through the acts that their traveling companions put on and know just how to push their buttons (sometimes without said companions even realizing it). Our perpetually clueless hero, Luke, is quite often their victim. This isn't to say that Anise isn’t a victim of Jade's teasing herself (providing some quality comedy moments as well), but it's apparent that Jade has a good amount of respect for Anise's cleverness and ability. Which leads to a more serious aspect of their relationship: trust. Prior to the game's beginning, Anise leaves with Ion on Malkuth's landship, the Tartarus, commanded by Jade, to deliver the peace treaty. In that period of time, Jade must have realized that Anise was capable and able to hold her own in battle, since he's sure that she's okay after her fall from the ship when the God-Generals attack and entrusts her with a certain important document. Anise, on the other hand, shows quite a bit of admiration for Jade, even exclaiming "Colonel, you're so cool!" during battle. So beyond the teasing and the silly behavior, the two have faith in each other, something that solidifies their no-so-unlikely friendship.

tear grants

Tear Grants, Oracle Knight and sister to Van, contrasts with Anise quite a bit. Despite an age difference of only three years, the two Oracle Knights have very different personalities. While Tear tries her best to be calm and rational, Anise is more prone to emotional outbursts and has a much more cheerful and silly nature. But Tear's maturity and often cold demeanor is never something that constrains Anise or her behavior, in fact, quite the opposite occurs. Anise is able to cleverly get the best of Tear in most situations. From discovering Tear's love of cute things and blackmailing her (into buying lemon chiffon cake) to embarrassing her in a variety of ways (picking on her relationship with Luke or asking what she looks for in a man), Anise is quite adept at getting Tear flustered and taking advantage of it. But there's nothing sinister about Anise's actions (despite Jade musing about Anise plotting to kill Tear to have Luke all to herself); the two soldiers form a strong friendship after their travels together. Especially since Anise is good at picking up on how Tear is feeling and can see through the confident face she puts on, while Tear is an extremely caring person underneath her serious façade and is able to provide something of an older-sister figure for Anise.

guy cecil

Guy Cecil, actually the last heir of the Gardios family living in secret as a servent of the Fabres, joins the party when Anise is absent, leading to a pleasant meeting between the two light-hearted individuals. But as soon as Anise finds out about Guy's gynophobia (fear of women) and his dramatic reaction, she takes to teasing him as much as possible. It's not until Guy reveals the details of his past that Anise realizes that he had a tragic memory behind his reaction, specifically being covered by the dead bodies of his maids and his sister who sacrificed their lives to keep the young Guy alive during Duke Fabre's attack on the island of Hod. Anise and the others apologize for teasing him, and Anise even helps with Guy's recovery from his fear when he saves her from falling off a cliff. Anise still teases him to the very end and even hints at marrying him once she finds out that he's a nobleman, but the two become good friends.

natalia l. k. lanvaldear

Anise and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, princess of Kimlasca, pretty much loathe each other after they first meet. Natalia is arrogant and strong-willed, and despite Anise's initial sense of awe at the princess, Natalia's haughty nature conflicts with the Fon Master Guard's personality. Not to mention Natalia is engaged to Luke, which angers Anise quite a bit and has her planning for sabotage. When Natalia first joins the party, Anise even threatens to squash the princess with Tokunaga in some end-battle sequences. But Natalia grows and changes her attitude, and sees Anise as a friend and valuable member of the party, while Anise realizes that Natalia is a truly kind and compassionate person. Their end of battle quotes even change as their friendship progresses. But that friendship doesn't stop Anise from taking advantage of Natalia's gullibility, for example, Anise convinces her that Van has eyebrow beams and his beard helps him locate enemies.
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