"Tokunaga" is the name of the stuffed doll that Anise rides on in battle. Certainly a... unique weapon. Presumably, Anise created Tokunaga herself, as she is depicted alongside a multitude of dolls similar to it in a picture from the game's ending. The doll was modified by the God General Dist to change size and move according to Anise's Fonon Frequency. Tokunaga spends most of its time on Anise's back, but it can increase in size for Anise to ride on and control in battle. Most of the party finds Tokunaga to be pretty creepy, but Anise and Tear think it's cute. (And so do I!) Tokunaga can equip a variety of costumes, mostly cameos from other Namco games, for example KOS-MOS of Xenosaga and the Prince of the Katamari series.


Running around and pummeling things with a giant doll? So much fun. Although I play as Guy (running around really fast and hitting things with a sword is also awesome), playing as Anise becomes compulsory as you try for her Coliseum title and weapon or in areas where the party splits up. First of all, Anise is strong in two areas: attack and magic, and she equips both rods/staffs and dolls. Some dolls allow for specialized artes, like Inspect Eye (which has the same effect as using a Magic Lens), while some boost stats, like (my personal favorite) Warrior Maiden's +50 physical and fonic attack. In terms of magic, Anise is the only playable character with a dark-based magic attack, something necessary for getting the Shadow Fonstone in Eldrant. One reason to keep Anise casting spells instead of involving her in melee combat is the fact that Tokunaga is pretty slow, and also pretty damn big. As a big, slow target, Anise is prone to being hit by spells. But seeing as Tokunaga packs a punch (literally) in actual combat, you’d probably rather not leave Anise casting the whole time. Anise can gain some speed if you boost her Agility using Capacity Cores, so running away from danger can be a lot easier and you can beat on enemies without worrying about getting caught up in a spell. Anise's strike artes do some heavy damage, while artes like Lucky and Mighty Charge buff stats, and using FOFs can extend those benefits to more party members. Finally, putting a Grass Chamber on Eagle Dive or Surge Breaker lets Anise steal, something that is needed to get a few of her dolls.


All obtainable titles and how to get them.
Fon Master Attendant - default title
Former Attendant - gained during the storyline
Spy - gained during the storyline
Last Fon Master Guardian - gained during storyline
Grown-up Child - Enter the Casino during the first visit to Keterburg
Push & Pull Girl - complete all warehouse minigames
Little Big Chef - master all recipes with Anise and speak to the man in the Keterburg Hotel
Mini Maven - Go to Daath Hill after completeing the Ant Lion Man, Yulia City distribution, protecting Engave, seed gathering, and Sheridan bridge construction sidequests
Childish - speak with Peony after entering Eldrant
Not a Kid - After Peony's rappigs sidequest, go to the spa in Keterburg
Cat Cat Kitty Cat - From the Ant Lion Man in Nam Cobanda Island, pay 76,500 Gald
Devastating Cutie - complete Advanced Singles at the Coliseum with Anise
Grand Master Chef - After Eldrant, equip Little Big Chef title and have the All-Purpose Knife and Magical Pouch, and speak to Sesemann in Grand Chokmah
Little Devil - Enter the Daath Cathedral after the Radiation Gate
Abyss Pink - second playthrough+, speak with the maid near Peony's chambers after Absorption Gate and Natalia rejoins
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