Strange behavior on Anise's part soon reveals that there’s more to the clever and playful Fon Master Guard than she lets on. What is ultimately revealed causes one of the most tragic, heart-wrenching events of the game: the death of Fon Master Ion. Anise's random disappearances to send letters among other things don't catch anyone's attention until the party reaches Zaleho Volcano. Anise's too-convenient stumble into the hidden door inside the Daath cathedral leading to the volcano's interior alerts some of the party members. Her overly dramatic curiosity and surprise at the strange base inside the volcano furthers their suspicion, but Anise maintains that she knows nothing. It's not until a surprise attack by the God General Arietta during a later visit to Daath that Anise reveals the truth: she's a spy for Grand Maestro Mohs, in charge of reporting the movements of the Fon Master. Ion was an integral part of Mohs' attempt to strictly uphold the Score, and the Fon Master's tendency to think for himself called for someone to keep tabs on him. After Anise reveals her status as a spy, she takes Ion back into the interior of the volcano to read the Planet Score.


It's no surprise that the party is shocked when Anise reveals her betrayal. After the time they had traveled together, from literal depths and back, it's safe to say that Anise formed friendships with all of the party members. She had shown nothing but the utmost concern for Ion; her anger at his tendency to disappear only revealed how much she cared about him. But before running off with Mohs, Anise throws a stuffed doll back at her friends with a note attached detailing where she was going. This leads the party to a secret base inside Mt. Zaleho... where Ion is reading the Planet Score at Mohs' orders. Ion, a replica, was far too weak to handle the reading. His abilities were less powerful than the original Ion's, and after only living for two years he passed away after giving some final words of hope to the party: the Score is only one of many possible futures.

As the Fon Master dies in Luke's arms, Anise can only look on helplessly. It turns out that Mohs was holding her parents hostage in a cell near the Fonstone. It becomes apparent that Anise was blackmailed into betraying Ion and her friends. As Mohs threatened her gullible parents, Anise was forced to obey his orders. It's here that Anise becomes one of the most sympathetic characters in the game, forced to choose between her family and her friends. Because of this, no one blames her for Ion's death, but she does blame herself.


Ion's death doesn't come without some major consequences. While Anise is left with a heavy sadness and an overwhelming sense of guilt, the God General Arietta "the Wild" is devastated and furious at Anise. Arietta was a child raised by animals, discovered by Van and educated by the original Ion, who made her one of his guards. But once the original Fon Master died and replaced with a replica (the Ion we know), Arietta was let go as a Fon Master Guard while Anise was put in her place, essentially becoming Ion's confidante. Arietta was furious at the change and harbors deep jealousy, something only amplified by Anise's friends killing the Liger that Arietta called "Mother." Anise lashes out by calling Arietta "Gloomietta" and picking on her whiny and childish nature. When Ion dies, Arietta's hatred explodes and she challenges Anise to a duel, despite not knowing that her Ion died years ago, and Anise feels compelled to accept the challenge. The two duel at the spot where Arietta's Liger mother was killed in Cheagle Woods. Anise and her friends win the fight against Arietta and her monsters, killing the young God General in the process. It's a sad end to Arietta's already tragic story, but Anise felt that it was more of an insult to Arietta to refuse the duel than go through with it. Largo argues that even if Arietta had learned the truth about Ion, she would have lost her will to live. But Arietta's death still hurts Anise, and gives her all the more reason to stop Van, the one responsible for the twisted tale of Ion, Arietta, and herself.

But with all the negative consequences, there are some positive aspects that arise from Anise's betrayal and the events that follow, even if they are harder to spot. Ion's death was something that solidified Anise's resolve to put an end to Van's plans, giving her a strong reason to continue her journey. She's even got a new friend in Florian, another replica of the original Ion, to come back to Daath for. For the all members of the party, both carrying out Ion's wishes of peace and preventing more tragedies involving replicas become major reasons to keep focused on their fight. Anise is able to move on, deciding not to wallow in guilt or remorse. When giving Luke a tour of the Daath pilgrimage monuments, she compares her ordeal to that of Yulia and her disciple, Daath:

Luke: "Oh, I know this part. It's when Daath betrays Yulia."
Anise: "Yes. ...People come to this monument seeking forgiveness. Because it tells that Daath, wracked with guilt, took his own life after he saved Yulia. I'm the same as Daath."
Luke: "...Anise..."
Anise: "But I'm not going to kill myself. If you do something bad, you have to live and make up for it."
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