I can't say that your typical cheerful-and-hyper-girl characters appeal to me at all; I usually find them to be unbearably annoying. But soon after getting Anise in the game, I realized that she was something different. Her hitting on Luke was just plain hilarious, the odd friendship between her and Jade was amusing, and that ruthless approach in battle was pretty surprising (as was that big creepy doll). She was equal parts bubbly, sweet, clever, and badass: not entirely what you'd expect from a cute little girl. But while I enjoyed Anise from a comedic perspective, it was her story that made me really love her character. The irony, the tragedy, and the whole twisted ordeal with Ion really made Anise a complex character, something you wouldn't assume when you first meet her. Anise tends to get a lot of hate from fans who can't look past her perky (and at times purposefully annoying) personality, which I think she doesn't deserve. It's what's underneath that persona that really makes her an interesting character, and I wanted to explore that with this site.


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I began O Fortuna sometime in early 2007, a little bit after I began work on Catalyst. Completed in July 2007, O Fortuna joins Catalyst and Scherzando to complete the Holy Tritnity of "Jade and Anise are Cooler Than You." ...yes. Bits of gameplay and script information were taken from gamefaqs or the official site. Images were either scanned by me, officially released, or found at Gamespot and Textures used on the current layout came from here and here. Other bits of information came from Wikipedia, while information on the Anise herb was provided by and spice pages. Lyrics and translations of Carmina Burana were found here and here, with some help from my own shoddy Latin skills. Info on Fortuna came from Encyclopedia Mythica and Wiki. All other information came from the game itself and my poorly written notes.
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